How long a mattress should last is a question that the most mattress makers and sales people can’t answer. How long it lasts depends on factors that can’t be taken into account when designing a new mattress system. Mattress manufacturers can calculate the physical durability of a given system but how long it lasts is dependent on how you use it. It’s also hard to define what “last” means... How long is it providing support? How long does it keep its shape? How long is it comfortable to you? There are many factors that affect the mattress set. Often you will hear about component parts like foam and springs, which are the most commonly measured for durability. But the real test is about when you feel that it no longer is providing the comfort and support that you needed. And it is not always that the mattress set that is breaking down. As we age, our bodies go thru stages that change our comfort levels. People lose weight and gain weight. Some of us may acquire ailments that may have a direct correlation with the quality of sleep. A sleep surface that does not help in providing restorative sleep may intensify discomfort. Bedding experts suggest that you may need to re-evaluate what they are sleeping on every 7-9 years. This is because human bodies go through changes every 7-9 years and your current mattress system may not be providing the support or pressure relief that your body requires. To answer the question, “how long should a mattress last?” – It’s as long as it is comfortable to you - the sleeper. If your mattress is only a couple of years old, but you are not sleeping well and don’t get the support that you need then it’s time to change your mattress!