Invest in your rest! The average person spends one third of their life in bed! This equals over 220,000 hours over the course of your lifetime! Your mattress is the most “used” piece of furniture in your home! 

The quality and amount of sleep that you receive each day is a critical factor in your overall well-being. It will affect how you feel physically, mentally, and also influence your productivity each day. 

So, how do you determine what is an appropriate dollar amount to spend on your next mattress set? 

Similar to a vehicle, you spend time each day in your car or truck which provides you with transportation from one place to another. You decide the make, model, and size based on specific essentials to ensure that your vehicle will provide you with the appropriate needs that you require in order to make the most efficient use out of your investment.

A mattress is no different, but even more so important than your mode of transportation. Your mattress provides your body with the refreshing and rejuvenating rest that you require each day in order to promote the best of healthy living. Your health and rest are priceless. 

We advise that you spend enough on a mattress to ensure that your individual comfort and support needs are being met. Be sure not to short change yourself out of a great, quality night’s sleep and buy the best mattress set that you can afford.

At America’s Mattress, our sleep specialist will assist you in selecting a mattress that fits your comfort, quality, and price expectations.