You know you’ve put it off for way too long, but the restless night’s and morning backache are beginning to affect your day and probably your health as well. It’s that time that most people dread, time to buy a new mattress set! Where do you start? How do you trust the retailer where you buy the set? Well, there are a few factors to consider that may help to assure that you are making a good selection and alleviate the stress involved with this large investment purchase.

Know your manufacturer

One of your first considerations should be to explore models that are constructed by a reputable manufacturer. There are three main mattress manufacturing companies in the United States. You may recognize them, as they are known in the industry, “The Big Three S’s”, Serta, Sealy and Simmons. Buying American is not just good for our economy, but is important to you as a consumer to know that the components within the construction are safely made in the U.S. You cannot be certain that an “off brand” does not contain foams or fiber- fills imported cheaply from overseas. Don’t take chances with your health! Alleviate the worry of poor quality foams and issues such as off-gassing. Serta, the #1 rated mattress company, for instance, only uses American made components and their latex is only the finest processed Talalay. Knowing your mattress manufacturer then, is a good first step in your mattress purchase process!

Know your retailer

Perhaps the next most important consideration regarding your mattress purchase is to feel confidence in your retailer. Do they sell a name brand product? Keep in mind that if they also sell off brands, overages and refurbished mattresses, it should give you pause. As stated earlier, buying an off-brand is not a good idea. If you buy an overage mattress, chances are, that has been stored for a long period of time. Components shift, glues and stitching may break. Not to mention, warehouses are not the cleanest environments and are usually not temperature regulated. A refurbished mattress?, best rule of thumb, DON’T DO IT! Find a retailer that sells newly manufactured, main brand product. America’s Mattress, is one such retailer, and is usually locally owned and operated. Buying from this type of retailer, invested in your community, is preferable to a large corporate store, whose main focus is bottom line profits.

Know and trust your retail sales associate

Finally, purchase from a retail sales associate whose priority is to assist you with finding the RIGHT mattress for YOU SPECIFICALLY at the RIGHT price for You! Your retail sales associate should ask you specific questions about your sleep needs; concerns or health issues you may have and what comfort you prefer. Gone are the days of the pushy used car salesman type of associate. If you come across one of those, run fast! It may be hard to escape their clutches and offers to throw in their first born if you’ll only buy today!  Find an associate who has made you feel confident and sure of your purchase, not forced into a purchase by fear of loss of ‘the great deal’. You’ll know you have found the right sales associate if they have a good knowledge of their product lines and they have matched the features to your needs. For example, he or she should direct you to an individually wrapped coil system or a memory foam model if you are concerned about motion transfer between yourself and your spouse. So, a good associate should know not only the features of each model, but how those features will benefit you. If they are truly interested in your well being and take the time to make these assessments and guide you accordingly you will feel comfortable with making your decision.

Trust where you buy your mattress

Buying a new mattress set can be and should be a nice experience!  If you have found the right manufacturer, retailer and retail sales associate you have probably found where you can trust to buy that mattress set. Rest easy and enjoy the process. And may you many years of great restful sleep!!!