America's Mattress of VK Electronics

VK is a full stocking Serta Gallery store. Serta icomfort, Serta Perfectsleeper, an America's Mattress. VK stocks adjustable foundations, pillows, mattress protectors as well as frames, pillow toppers, sheets, comforters and more. VK is your one stop bedding store. VK your Very Knowledgeable destination store.

Who we are

We started in business in 1983 as a video an electronic store (Video Kingdom.) In 2003 we exited the software side of the business and rename the store to VK Electronics. We still do all of the electronics for both commercial and residential, everything but cellphones and computers can be found here. We have added indoor an outdoor furniture, as well becoming a Serta gallery store an Americas Mattress store. VK is also known for having Nebraska's largest BBQ selection. VK Electronics received the award of being named #1 retailer in the state of Nebraska in 2018 from the Nebraska Retail Federation. VK also was picked in the top 5 retailers in 2018 from National Retail Federation. VK your Very Knowledgeable Destination store.

Our Locations

VK Electronics

606 West b st,
MCCOOK, NE 69001

308 345 5294