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Product Description

Designed by Charli & Dixie D'Ameilio, turn your bedroom into a creator's studio. This medium feel memory foam mattress has everything you need to sketch, plot, create, and record - with a supportive base layer and motion isolation layer to make sure NO ONE disturbs your dreams. Plus, a unique pattern co-designed by Charli & Dixie. So get creative! Why? Just for fun-ZZZs, of course!

Product Features

Feel Good

You deserve the best, in our honest opinion. Try this quilted soft cover for all your comfort goals.

No Pressure

Stay sound asleep throughout the night with soothing gel memory foam.

No Wakey-Wakey

Sleepover? Sounds like fun to us! So we added a motion separation layer to isolate the movement between two sleepers - letting you both get sweet, sweet dreams.

Never Cave

Surfing in bed? Who isn't? So we put in a supportive base layer of foam that relieves tension and stress, while providing lasting support for your back.

Easy P-ZZZ

This mattress comes complete in it's own box! You open the box, take it out, and dream about the weekend. Yup, it's that simple.

Product Information

Comfort Level 3 - Medium
Support System Specialty Foam
Mattress Height 10
Warranty 10
Adjustable Friendly Yes
Online Only No
Mattress-In-A-Box Yes

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